What State is Red Dead Redemption 2 Set in?

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What state is Red Dead Redemption 2 set in? Red Dead Redemption 2's environments are so fully realized that player's would be forgiven for wondering where in the real world the game takes place. The location could even become a kind of video game Mecca, calling pilgrims the world over to visit the the game's beautiful world.

What State is Red Dead Redemption 2 Set in?

Unfortunately for would-be travelers, Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place entirely in fictionalized states. Still, each state takes inspiration from real world locations, most of them states. Developer Rockstar Games hasn't published the exact inspirations for each in-game state, but here are the community's best guesses.

The most obvious analog is between Lemoyne and Louisiana. The two share a climate, flora and fauna, and Saint Denis is clearly inspired by New Orleans. New Austin draws its character from south Texas and north Mexico, which makes sense considering Austin's existence as a real Texas city.

Part of Amberino's inspiration can be seen in its name. It's based mostly on Wyoming and Colorado. Both amberino and colorado are Spanish words, with the former meaning the color amber and the latter referring to a red. The parallels in meaning underscore the environmental similarities.

New Hanover is mostly Nebraska and North Dakota, and West Elizabeth is mostly Kansas with a little Colorado.

Within each of the game's states lies a significant amount of environmental variation, leading to things like the map's eastern edge resembling New England or even Maine, but each in-game state is generally modeled after the state's listed above.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games