Riot Games released a potential teaser for a new champion Thursday when it added new images to the lore page for the in-game nation of Demacia.

Three of the four images depict Demacian ​League of Legends champions being restrained by golden chains, and file names for each image make those champions explicit. They include Lux, Galio and Garen. The fourth image is named for Jarvan IV, but the character in the image may be a different one altogether.

New League of Legends Champion Potentially Teased

Where the first three images clearly show the chains capturing the champion depicted, the fourth shows the shadowy figure sitting atop a throne with the chains lying limp around him. Jarvan's spear lies on the ground before the mysterious character, suggesting he's defeated Jarvan.

If the character on the throne in fact uses the chains as a weapon, it would line up with a leak that hit Reddit in December claiming the next champion would be a chain-wielding fighter. According to another Reddit post, that leak was posted by the same person who ​leaked Urgot's model ahead of his rework in 2017. Many of those details turned out to be true, adding credibility to the leak.

Riot Games ​revealed its most recent new hero, Neeko, Nov. 19.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games