​Sylas League of Legends' recent depiction in the game's latest short story has the community theorycrafting about the next champion release. Here's everything players need to know about Sylas, the young mage.

Sylas League of Legends: Who is Sylas?

Sylas is a young boy who serves Demacia with his ability to detect hidden magic within other people. Demacia is notorious in the League of Legends universe for its ban against the use of magic, so Sylas helps the Demacian mageseekers, leaders who seek to remove mages from the city, hunt down others like him.

In the most recently released story “Demacian Heart,” Sylas loses control over his powers, killing those near him. The young boy leaves the scene, accepting the guaranteed fate where he will be captured and punished by Demacia. This future imprisonment mirrors hints left in a Champion Roadmap Riot Games published back in August, which told of a new champion who was “locked away.”

Could Sylas Be the Next League of Legends Champion?

​Many fans have already started hypothesizing the possibility of Sylas as the next League of Legends champion. Riot Games hasn't revealed too much about the upcoming character, except that he/she will be a ​​Demacian with some connection to chains. Given his guaranteed imprisonment in "Demacian Heart," Sylas seems like he could be a potential match for the next champion.

Champions usually have a cinematic teaser to accompany their release, and the writer of "Demacian Heart" Phillip Vargas recently revealed he played a role in the creation of the next cinematic, suggesting that Sylas will make another appearance soon. Nothing's guaranteed, but the pieces seem to be lining up.

If Sylas does end up becoming the next ​League of Legends champion, he will likely take on the role of a mage, potentially having a silence or an ability to counter other mages given his description in the short story. 

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games