Finding the best gun in PUBG Mobile is important if you want to rack up Chicken Dinners. 

Much like PUBG on other platforms, the best guns are the rarest and most difficult to find.

Best Gun in PUBG Mobile: Which One to Carry You to Victory

The best sniper rifle in PUBG is the AWM while the Groza is the best rifle in the game. Both hold special actions in the game. The Groza will be your preferred choice for most battles as it's deadly at close-to-midrange fights. The AWM is the most deadly gun in the game 100 yards out. It's so dangerous it is only dropped with a limited amount of special ammo. 

​PUBG Mobile Season 4 is in full swing and will end by the end of January and hopefully, kick off the start of Season 5 and a new update. 

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp