TutuApp PUBG might be a familiar term to PUBG players. But what is the TutuApp and what does it have to do with PUBG? 

TutuApp PUBG: What is It?

The TutuApp is an app that anyone with an Android or iOS device can download. It will allow the user to download apps from the other store -- meaning Android devices can download any app from the Apple Store, and iOS devices can download apps from the Google Play Store.

Fans of PUBG can download PUBG mobile on one device through the TutuApp, which would allow them to theoretically play on a second account thanks to the download from the TutuApp without switching devices.

It is also easier to develop hacks for Android games because of "APK files" that are used in Android. A few players developed a PUBG hack found through the TutuApp, which allows players to add that hack to their PUBG mobile game because of the app. 

PUBG Corp routinely does checks and bans multiple players for cheating in PUBG. 

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp