PUBG streamer Andy King pulled off a truly impressive play during a stream Saturday using precision aiming and serious game sense.

King joined a ​PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS queue for squads without any teammates​, hoping to face one of the hardest challenges in PUBG. Landing in Vikendi, he found himself in just that.

PUBG Streamer Makes Insane Play

While looting his immediate area, King came under fire from an opponent on a nearby rooftop. With nothing but an M24 sporting a red dot sight in his hands, King took careful aim as the bullets whizzed by. He lined up the shot and place it directly in the head of the opponent, dropping him instantly.

King then jumped to street level, where he encountered yet another enemy. Another single shot to the head put that opponent on the ground. After a few tense moments of silence, King checked a final corner and waited for the last squad member. A final headshot put the entire squad to rest, solidifying a clip-worthy play.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp