Fallout 76 Chicken Locations

Fallout 76 chicken locations are hard to pin down. Players from across the community have searched for hours for reliable chicken spawn spots, but have met very little success in their quest. So where can you find chickens? Here are a few places where players have found them in the past, and where you can start your own search.

Fallout 76 Chicken Locations

Fallout 76's chickens can be found in several locations. Players on Reddit have managed to find them in the following places:

- In the Mire east of the Abandoned Bunker

- Across the river from the Overseer's camp

- In Flatwoods, up the hill toward the bridge

- At the foot of the rappel tower, by the pheasant icon on the map

- Near the Welcome to Flatwoods sign, north of the Green Country Lodge

At each of these locations, the recommended method for nabbing a chicken is to spam V.A.T.S., as it will automatically lock onto chickens that most players wouldn't otherwise see.

If none of these spots works out, try leaving the server and joining a new one. Then, if all else fails, just go about your business as usual. You're sure to run into a chicken eventually!

Photo courtesy of Bethesda