When did Overwatch come out? The game has grown significantly since its release date, and its profile has risen, too. Alongside countless content updates and perhaps the most ambitious esports scene in the world, Overwatch has won awards as the best ongoing game that continue to keep the game relevant. But when did it hit shelves?

When Did Overwatch Come Out?

Overwatch hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simultaneously May 24, 2016. Its full release was preceded by various states of public testing that began with a closed beta test Oct. 27, 2015. That beta remained available until December of that year, then reopened in February 2016. The public beta's second run introduced the game's progression system, new maps, new heroes, and several more features.​

The closed beta finally finished April 25, 2016. One last open beta took place May 5 to 9, which was then extended an extra day to May 10, before the game's May 24 release.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard