How to Start a New Game in Pokemon Let's Go

42423 / Image by Nathan Fusco

How to start a new game in Pokemon Let's Go? Players might be curious, but remember, the game only gives you one save slot, so you'll have to start from scratch and it will delete all your old saves and files.

One of the main reasons people want to start over is if they spent too many berries on a weak Pokemon. 

How to Start a New Game in Pokemon Let's Go

First, you go to the Switch menu and head to the system settings. Click on the "Data Management" button. Then click Save Data/Screenshots and Videos." 

Find your Save Data for Pokemon: Let's Go and hit "delete." Boom. You can start over from the start now. 

Make sure you accomplish everything before you decide to reset including fighting the Elite 4 again. The game is chock-full of fun things to do so don't make the decision lightly.