Smash Ultimate underdog boost is at the center of the game's first competitive controversy, but what is it exactly? And why does it matter? Here's everything you need to know about Smash Ultimate's underdog boost.

Smash Ultimate Underdog Boost: Everything You Need to Know

Smash Ultimate's underdog boost is just about what it sounds like: the mechanic gives the player with fewer stocks a damage boost. This makes it easier for that player to achieve a comeback and equalize the stocks, artificially preventing the other player from pressing their advantage and winning the match.​ 

The underdog boost can be turned off in Smash Ultimate's settings, and in the game's competitive scene the standard ruleset has the effect turned off. Unfortunately for players at Smash Conference United on Saturday and Sunday, someone reportedly turned the effect back on, thus contaminating the results of certain matches played at the tournament.

The tournament organizers are currently reviewing footage of the event to determine which sets were affected, but it's unclear what will be done once that information is collected.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo