Ana Bastet short story was just released and possibly revealed a new skin for Ana inside Overwatch.

The new short story received a lot of reactions after the sudden appearance and content of the story. 

Ana Bastet Skin

The story, available here, takes place just after Ana and Soldier: 76 reunite in Cairo. The two have just fought off Reaper and now have to escape the scene of the fight. "Bastet" follows them over the next few weeks as Soldier: 76 tries to recruit Ana to rejoin Overwatch, while Ana tries to convince him to end the corruption in Cairo with her first.

The story also revealed Bastet as an upcoming skin for Ana, featuring a new mask and new colors on her classic design. "Bastet" ends with Soldier: 76 and Ana teaming up to take on the criminal organization in Cairo led by a villain named Hakim. Once they succeed, the two set out to continue the Overwatch recruiting efforts.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard