Soldier: 76 is Overwatch's second LGBTQ+ character, as confirmed Monday by Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu.

The little fact was teased in the latest Overwatch short: Bastet

The story takes place just after Ana and Soldier: 76 reunite in Cairo. The two have just fought off Reaper and now have to escape the scene of the fight. "Bastet" follows them over the next few weeks as Soldier: 76 tries to recruit Ana to rejoin Overwatch, while Ana tries to convince him to end the corruption in Cairo with her first.

Over the course of the story, we learn a great deal about each character, including that Soldier: 76 might be Overwatch's second gay character. An exchange between Soldier: 76 and Ana about a man named Vincent suggests he and Soldier were once in love. Vincent has since married, though neither Soldier nor Ana mentions to whom.

Seems it wasn't just a small hint as Michael Chu has come out and confirmed the move. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard