Vincent is Overwatch's newest character. While he hasn't yet appeared in-game, Vincent has already had a massive ripple effect in the community and in the lore. So who is he? Here's everything we know about Vincent so far.

Vincent Overwatch: Who is He?

Vincent was first mentioned in ​Overwatch's story released Monday ​as the first Overwatch short story, "Bastet." While Ana and Soldier: 76 are reminiscing over old photographs, Ana stumbles across one of Vincent and a very young Soldier: 76. Their conversation reveals that Soldier once loved Vincent, and may love him still, ​revealing Soldier: 76 as gay.

Overwatch's head writer Michael Chu ​confirmed Soldier: 76's sexuality on Twitter hours after "Bastet" went live.

We don't know much about Vincent yet. We have a photo of him, in which he has short dark hair and wears a black collared shirt. We know that because he and Soldier: 76 were together, he's gotten married and has a family. Finally, we know that Soldier: 76 hasn't checked in on him in years.

We'll have to wait for more story developments to learn more about Overwatch's second queer significant other.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard