Sylas League of Legends is the game's newest champion, as revealed Tuesday by Riot Games.

Sylas the Unshackled appears to have been a Demacian insurrectionary, imprisoned for leading a revolt against the ​League of Legends nobility. In the trailer, he is shown chained in a dark room before an escape at which the trailer only hints. He speaks in voiceover about rising up and destroying the power of the nobility, who have oppressed the people of Demacia.

Sylas League of Legends: New League of Legends champion revealed

Riot Games appears to be positioning Sylas as a villain.

In gameplay terms, Sylas appears to steal the abilities of other champions. In the trailer, he can be seen using multiple champions' ultimate abilities, including Lux's Final Spark, Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage and more. 

Sylas ​appeared in lore images released Thursday, in which his silhouette could be seen sitting the Demacian throne having defeated Demacian's greatest heroes. ​League of Legends developer Riot Games has ​previously released information about his backstory in the short story "Demacian Heart." As of yet, no champion release date has been stated.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games