The Suppressed Sniper Rifle hit Fortnite in Tuesday​'s Fortnite Patch 7.10 content update, becoming the latest addition to the Fortnite arsenal.

Suppressed Sniper Rifle Arrives in Fortnite Patch 7.10 Content Update

The Suppressed Sniper Rifle is the last new weapon to land in ​Fortnite Patch 7.10, arriving in the final content update for the patch.​ Per the ​patch notes, the weapon will be available as floor loot and in chests, vending machines and supply drops in epic and legendary variants.

The Suppressed Sniper Rifle will deal 100-105 damage per bolt action shot, with the damage determined by which variant the player uses. It also sports a scope to hit targets at long range.

The weapon ​leaked Friday before ​appearing in an in-game teaser Monday.

Fortnite Patch 7.10's most recent content update also sent three out of five Burst Assault Rifles variants ​to the vault​unvaulted the Dual Pistols, and nerfed the Boom Box.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games