Overwatch Ana Bastet Challenge, a new Overwatch event for players to receive Ana's skin from the "Bastet" short story, went live on Tuesday.

Overwatch Ana Bastet Challenge for New Ana Skin Live

​​Ana's Bastet Challenge is the latest mini-event for ​Overwatch players to participate in to unlock the Bastet Ana skin. "Ana adopted the guise of a guardian named 'Bastet' to protect her community in Cairo," the post read. " You can don the very same garb by taking part in Ana’s Bastet Challenge."

The challenge will run from Tuesday until Jan. 21, giving players plenty of time to unlock the skin. 

Winning three games in quick play, competitive, and arcade will earn players a Bastet player icon. Winning six games in either of the modes will reward the player with an Ana victory pose, and winning nine games will unlock the Bastet Ana skin.

The announcement also revealed there will be opportunities to receive special Bastet Ana sprays by watching Twitch streams for a certain amount of hours. 

The full list of Twitch streamers who are participating in the event can be found through ​Blizzard's website

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard