League of Legends Patch 9.1 landed Tuesday, bringing the first changes of the year to the game. Here are the five biggest changes in the patch that you need to know about.

League of Legends Patch 9.1: Five Biggest Changes You Need to Know

1. Kalista Changes

Three champions in League of Legends have become known for receiving nerfs because of their effectiveness in pro play, even though that effectiveness hasn't shined through to success in ladder. Kalista is the first ​of these champions, and her changes are the least expansive.

To make Kalista less dependent on perfect team play, Riot Games upped her offensive base stats and buffed her Pierce (Q)'s damage while removing the Oathsworn buff from her Sentinel (W). Riot also made her Rend (E) deal 50 percent more damage to epic monsters.

2. Ornn Changes

Ornn's changes target his greatest strengths at a professional level. Riot Games, intending to make Ornn more vulnerable to counters and reduce his effectiveness when using his ultimate from safety, has made several adjustments to his kit.

Ornn's defensive base stats received a bump. His passive, Living Forge, is now free and affects four more items, making it a pure benefit rather than a diversion away from a full build. On the other hand, Ornn's Call of the Fire God (R) now knocks up enemies for less time, potentially drastically changing his strategy.

3. Sejuani Changes

With Sejuani, Riot Games' general approach was to reduce her crowd control while upping her damage. This makes her less dependent on perfect followup from her teammates to be effective. The developer also attempted to make her more resilient in longer team fights.

On top of a defensive base stat increase, Sejuani's Arctic Assault (Q), Winter's Wrath (W) and Permafrost (E) had their damage upped, even as her W and E lost slow duration and stun duration respectively. Her passive, Fury of the North, now spikes less dramatically in its resistance while lasting an extra second.​

4. Marksmen Buffs

Next in line on the list of Riot Games priorities are the marksmen champions that have seen decreased effectiveness over the course of recent League of Legends play. Each champion had their own particular strengths buffed​. The list of affected champions includes Ashe, Jinx, Jayce, Katarina, Nasus, Sivir, Vayne, Xayah and Zyra.

5. Hail of Blades Changes

Hail of Blades has yet to find its place in the League of Legends meta. With the changes in Tuesday's patch notes, it may finally do so. Rather than have its empowered attacks cannibalized by abilities that cancel attacks, it will now keep those empowered attacks stored.​

Photo courtesy of Riot Games