League of Legends Patch 9.1 brings balance changes to ​nine champions, including five marksmen. The champions affected include Ashe, Jinx, Jayce, Katarina, Nasus, Sivir, Vayne, Xayah and Zyra.

The marksmen champions will largely receive buffs emphasizing their particular strengths in order to change ​League of Legends' otherwise punishing meta game for those champions. None of the champions will receive nerfs. Check out the full list of changes below.


Ranger's Focus (Q)

- Ability icon border now flashes when Q is at maximum stacks

Hawkshot (E)

- Ashe now gains assist credit if a previously-unseen enemy is killed within 10 seconds of being revealed by Hawkshot


Zap (W)

- Cast time decreased from a flat 0.6 seconds to 0.6-0.4 seconds based on attack speed

- Caps at 250 percent bonus attack speed


Acceleration Gate (E)

- If Jayce casts Acceleration Gate during Shock Blast (Q)'s cast time, he'll ignore movement commands until both abilities have been cast


Shunpo (E)

- Cast time changed from 0.075 second before teleporting and 0.075 second after to 0.15 seconds after teleporting, making the teleport happen immediately

- Katarina can now buffer Hextech Gunblade's active to fire after Shunpo's cast time completes


Siphoning Strike (Q)

- Large kill stacks increased from six per champion, large minion or large monster kill to 12 per each.


Boomerang Blade (Q)

- Hitting an enemy champion no longer decreases Boomerang Blade's damage against subsequent targets


Final Hour (R)

- Tumble's cooldown is reduced by 50 percent when Final Hour is active


Bladecaller (E)

- Root duration increased from one second to 1.25


Rampant Growth (W)

- If Zyra casts Rampant Growth during Deadly Spines (Q)'s or Grasping Roots (E)'s cast times, she'll now ignore movement commands until both abilities have been cast.

League of Legends Patch 9.1 also introduces changes to Kalista, Ornn and Sejuani to narrow the gap in success with those champions between the pro and ranked level, improvements to ping, and Blood Moon skins for Pyke, Sivir and Aatrox.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games