League of Legends Patch 9.2 Could Include Irelia, Jax, and Camille Nerfs

League of Legends Patch 9.2 could include nerfs to Irelia, Jax and Camille, among other champions, Riot Games' Richard “MapleNectar” Henkel wrote Tuesday.

The four main goals for the start of Season 9 address several grievances voiced by the League of Legends community over the course of Season 8, including high burst damage and specific champion strengths. According to Riot MapleNectar, the balance team will seek to address the game’s systemic damage, lower jungle influence, change MMR pacing, and adjust itemization for marksmen.

Eleven champions could receive nerfs in Patch 9.2, including Irelia, Jax, and Camille. The list of champions possibly receiving buffs features Aurelion Sol, Shyvana, and Neeko, in addition to six others, while Akali stands as the only champion to potentially receive adjustments to her kit. 

The balance team could also implement changes for three items, buffing Sunfire Cape while nerfing Oblivion Orb and Relic Shield.

MapleNectar did not reveal further details regarding the extent of the changes to any of the items or champions.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games