14 Days of Fortnite Cheat Sheet

14 Days of Fortnite cheat sheet has been a popularly requested collection since Epic Games kicked off the holiday event in December. Since the challenges returned, players are scrambling to complete them as quick as possible for the rewards before they disappear.

Here's how to complete every 14 Days of ​Fortnite challenge.

14 Days of Fortnite Cheat Sheet

​Day 1: Join a Creative server.

Day 2: Find ​all of the giant candy canes on the map.

Day 3: Play ​three games with friends to unlock the Day 3 reward.

Day 4: Hit ​players with snowballs in different matches.

Day 5: Fly through ​five golden rings with the X-4 Stormwing plane.

Day 6: Search ​six waterside goose nests

Day 7: Use a ​Boogie Bomb or Present seven times.

Day 8: ​Thank the bus driver eight times.

Day 9: ​Dance in front of nine Christmas trees.

Day 10: Do 10 vehicle tricks in 10 different locations.

Day 11: Thank the bus driver 11 times.

Day 12: ​Find 12 snowflakes spread across the map.

Day 13: ​Place 13 items on a Fortnite Creative island.

Day 14: ​Search 14 different chests (multiple matches).

Hurry up and complete all of the challenges quickly as the ​14 Days of Fortnite ends soon.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games