​Overwatch LGBT characters exist both in-game as playable heroes and in the game's lore. Here is a brief history of the game's confirmed LGBT heroes.

​​Overwatch LGBT Characters: A Brief History

The game's first confirmed LGBT hero was Tracer in 2016 -- the same year ​Overwatch was released. Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu confirmed Tracer is a lesbian. She is seen celebrating the holidays with her girlfriend, ​Emilyin the "Reflections" comic. With Emily's introduction marked the second LGBT character.

The next character confirmed to be a part of the LGBT community was in 2017 with Lynx Seventeen, an omnic fans were introduced to in the "Searching" comic with Sombra. Chu confirmed on Twitter that Lynx was a gender-queer character. But even with their introduction into the Overwatch lore, Tracer remained the only LGBT hero as she is playable in-game.

Two years after Tracer was announced as an LGBT hero, Blizzard released the "Bastet" short story which revealed Soldier: 76 was gay. Chu ​later confirmed the news through Twitter. Soldier: 76 became the second LGBT hero in Overwatch, and the fourth LGBT character in the lore. His ex-boyfriend, Vincent, is the fifth character confirmed as LGBT.

Blizzard claimed there are many heroes in the lore that are LGBT, so it is likely future updates will confirm other already-known heroes are a part of the community, too. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard