​Smash Ultimate Ring a Ding song is the best song players can listen to in the game. Although a lot of the music in Smash Ultimate is fun to listen to, and very nostalgic for returning players, the best song in the game is Ring a Ding song. 

​​Smash Ultimate Ring a Ding Song is the Best Song 

A lot of the Smash Ultimate soundtrack is made up for music from the games of its ​more than 60-character roster.​ Players will hear battle music in Pokémon stages, while stages in other games feature soundtracks in their respective games. Even though some of the songs are fun to listen to, nothing beats Ring a Ding song. 

The song is catchy, fun, and will likely be stuck in player's heads after finishing their session of Smash Ultimate.

Ring a Ding is from Style Savvy, a fashion game from Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was turned into a song for the Smash Ultimate soundtrack and is available in the shop randomly -- so players should check often just in case.

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo