​Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan made an appearance during Jeff "emongg" Anderson's stream at Blizzard's creator residency. He talked about changes Blizzard is working on for the future of Overwatch.

Jeff Kaplan Discusses Future Plans for Overwatch

​​Emongg was visited by Kaplan during a stream at Blizzard's content creator residency, where streamers and content creators in the ​Overwatch community occasionally are invited to and allowed to stream from Blizzard and be joined by a guest from the Overwatch developer team. Kaplan discussed the state of competitive Overwatch and explained the developers are not "super happy" with how it is. Kaplan confirmed the recent Overwatch Public Test Region changes, specifically ​the Reaper buff, were made with GOATS in mind.

He also explained different queue types don't necessarily fix the problems in competitive -- and it also doesn't help the problems Blizzard intends to solve. 

Kaplan also visited streamer Fran during her stream and mentioned no massive changes will be added to competitive any time soon. There are significant changes Blizzard is hoping to make, but the changes are complicated and it isn't realistic for the changes to be made as soon as fans expect. 

During his talk with Fran, Kaplan confirmed Overwatch Archives will return and there will be something cool for fans to look forward to.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard