PUBG Replay Editor: How to Use it

PUBG Replay Editor was introduced to PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS in PUBG PC Patch 24, the same update that brought Vikendi to the game. To help illuminate the intimidating new feature, the developer released a guide Wednesday it hopes will help players take the editor to its full potential.

PUBG Replay Editor: How to Use Keyframes and the Camera

The ​PUBG Replay Editor​ is a fairly robust editor that allows players to tweak full game replays that hit live servers Dec. 19, alongside ​Vikendi and the ​snowmobile. The first major feature in the editor, and the one at the center of its functionality, is the ability to add key frames.

Key frames are markers that indicate where your editing actions begin and end. When the player enters a key frame, the current location of the camera is saved. Once two key frames are placed, pressing play on the the replay will move the camera from the first key frame to the second.

To place a key frame, simply press the add key frame button on the bottom left of the timeline (which you can bring up by pressing J). Buttons for removing key frames and turning the camera path on and off are all located in the same spot.

Turning the camera's path on will show you how the camera will move over the course of two key frames, which you can adjust by changing the camera's movement setting. You can skip the current key frame section, set the targeted player and toggle curved or linear camera movement.

The camera path set between key frames will be ignored if player camera or follow camera are selected for the current scene. If no player is targeted, the camera will move as you've directed between key frames.

Players can also adjust the camera's field of view and direction. The blend direction will make the camera face whichever way it faced when the key frame was created. The fixed direction will maintain the direction set when the key frame was created. The OrientToPath option will have the camera face forward along its path.

Finally, key frames can allow players to adjust the playback speed, between quarter speed and double speed.

PUBG Replay Editor: How to Use Effects

Effects can change how any individual shot looks in dramatic ways. Their functions can be found at the bottom of the key frame menu and include adjusting the camera's depth of field, adding Gaussian blur to highlight or hide details and more.

Effects also allow players to set color grades, changing the warmth of a scene, or add bloom or vignetting.

Effects are saved in the key frame in which they're applied.

PUBG Replay Editor: How to Use Exporting

Exporting ​footage from the PUBG Replay Editor allows players to retrieve high quality videos with stable frame rates from the game regardless of their computer's hardware. The export options allow players to adjust resolution, frame rate, quality, length and file name for easy storing.

PUBG Replay Editor: How to Use Hotkeys

PUBG Corp included 11 hotkeys in the Replay Editor, allowing players to more quickly and easily access the functions they need. Here are all the hotkeys in the editor:

- Save: CTRL+S

- Export: CTRL+E

- Apply (Key Frame Setting Panel): ALT+A

- Reset (Key Frame Setting Panel): ALT+R

- Cancel (Export Pop-up): ALT+C

- General view to move to Edit mode: CTRL+J

- Edit mode to move to General view: CTRL + Q

- Hide UI in edit mode: CTRL + U

- Hide Timeline: J

- Switch Character Spectate: B

- Switch Pre-cam: SPACE​

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp