Vaulted Fortnite Weapons: List of all Fortnite Weapons Vaulted

Vaulted Fortnite weapons continue to increase and change as the game gets updated and the meta shifts. Here is a list of all the vaulted weapons and a few vaulted items in Fortnite.

Vaulted Weapons Fortnite: List of All Vaulted Weapons in Fortnite

Weapons are added to the vault often in Fortnite, as seen in Epic Games' recent vaulting of a weapon in ​patch 7.10. Here are all of the vaulted weapons. 

- Zapaotron

- Burst Assault Rifle

- Submachine Gun

- Tactical Submachine Gun

- Light Machine Gun

- Drum Gun

- Suppressed Submachine Gun

- Revolver

- Six Shooter

- Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

- Guided Missile

- Crossbow

- Double Barrel Shotgun

- Infinity Blade 

Here are a list of the vaulted items in Fortnite.

- Smoke Grenade

- Jetpack

- Impulse Grenade

- Shockwave Grenade

- Remote Explosives

- Clinger

- Ceiling Trap

- Wall Dynamo

- Jump Pads

- Bouncer

- Chiller

There is no word on whether or not these weapons or items will ever come back to Fortnite, but a new LTM including them would be an awesome idea that could bring some great hype. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games