Akali nerfs are likely coming in League of Legends Patch 9.2, as Riot Games' Andrei "Meddler" van Roon wrote Wednesday in a dev corner post.

According to Meddler, the changes will likely be more complex than a simple buff or nerf. Instead, the ​League of Legends development team will take a more nuanced approach, examining how counter play to ​Akali's rework develops and how she fares in pro matches as opposed to ranked matches.

Meddler listed 23 other targets likely to receive simple nerfs or buffs in League of Legends Patch 9.2, though he refrained from sharing specific changes. Check out the full list of balance targets below:


- Sunfire Cape

- Aurelion Sol

- Dr Mundo

- Jarvan

- Neeko

- Renekton

- Shen

- Shyvana

- Volibear

- Yorick


- Oblivion Orb

- Relic Shield line

- Aatrox

- Brand

- Camille

- Cassiopeia

- Galio

- Irelia

- Jax

- Kassadin

- Rakan

- Urgot

- Zyra

Changes in the longer term are planning to address AD Carry itemization and reducing the influence jungle has on a given League of Legends match. The team also plans to experiment with allowing some champions to break the level cap, reaching level 19 or 20.

Finally, Medler asked for feedback on his dev corner posts -- dubbed "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" itself: how often it should appear, and how long it should be.

League of Legends' latest patch, 9.1, arrived Wednesday. It brought ​balance changes to a ​multitude of champions​improved ability pings, and the forthcoming release of three Blood Moon skins.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games