​The "Bastet" short story from Blizzard was centered around Ana and gave Overwatch fans more information on what was going on with Ana and Soldier: 76, following the events in the "Old Soldiers" comic. But more importantly, the short story shed more light on Ana and her relationship with Pharah. 

​​Overwatch fans were treated to a helping of long-awaited Ana lore with the "Bastet" short story, which revolved around Ana. Fans learned Ana was in a hospital in Poland following her fight with Widowmaker and remained under the radar in Cairo for years as a vigilante, and fans also saw Ana rise to become Bastet -- a guardian. But the short story was rich in information about Ana's personal life outside of being a vigilante.

Ana sent Pharah a letter that revealed she was alive, which fans first saw in Ana's origin story, but there was never any follow up on how Pharah reacted or what happened between Ana and Pharah since then. In "Bastet," however, fans learned Pharah chose to ignore Ana's letter and did not respond. 

When Soldier: 76 asked Ana if she spoke with Pharah, Ana admit Pharah never responded to her first letter -- which suggests there might be more letters Pharah ignored over the years. Regardless if Ana sent more than one, it is important to note Pharah made the decision not to respond to Ana. Pharah might be hurt or extremely angry for believing her mother was dead for so long, only to find out it wasn't true. 

Ana and Pharah's rocky relationship can be picked up from in-game voiceline interactions, specifically in Pharah's negative response when Soldier: 76 tells her Ana would be proud of her. "Bastet" was the first time it was revealed Pharah purposely did not make an effort to get back in touch with her mother since finding out she was alive.

Despite the relationship they have, Ana revealed she has faith in Pharah. Although Ana discouraged Pharah from following in her footsteps in joining Overwatch, she is aware of the good Pharah is doing in protecting Egypt at Helix Security International.

"But there are other people here, like Fareeha," Ana said, trying to convince herself that it is okay to leave Egypt and join the fight for good elsewhere with Soldier: 76. "They’re not helpless. It doesn’t have to be you."

The short story also showed Ana expressing guilt verbally for the first time for lying to her husband, Sam (who wasn't officially known as her former husband until "Bastet," either). Soldier: 76 asked if she will ever tell Sam the truth, to which Ana said she will, and then said "maybe" as an afterthought.

"I made a big enough mess of his life without having to give him the news," she said. "None of us are very good at saying goodbye, are we?"

An in-game interaction between Ana and Pharah showed Ana ​unwilling to tell Sam the truth. But in "Bastet," Ana is reconsidering decision to keep her life a secret from Sam. This shows a major change from the Ana fans were introduced to in 2016, and the Ana now, who is ready to rejoin the fight with Soldier: 76 -- the Ana who wants to don the mask of the goddess Bastet, a guardian.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard