Overwatch Bastet, the short story Blizzard released Monday that focused on heroes Ana and Soldier: 76, provided important information that was given outside of what they were up to next. It appears that Sombra is secretly providing Soldier: 76 intel, and he might not be aware of it. 

​​Soldier: 76 is one of the main characters in "Bastet," a short story that focuses prominently on Ana. In typical Blizzard fashion, the ​Overwatch story gave fans a bit more to think about than meets the eye. 

He is receiving intel during his time with Ana, but their identity is never explicitly named. Luckily, a few lines from "Bastet" provided enough information to piece together that Sombra is secretly helping Soldier: 76. 

Ana takes a look at her computer after Jack (Soldier: 76) briefly leaves. He used it earlier that day and there was information on the screen about Reaper's movements and appearances, including newspaper articles and more. Ana wasn't sure who was providing the information and implied she would try to solve it or possibly ask Jack at a different time. 

"The other information offered little new insight on the Reaper, providing only a view into Jack’s mind. He was following a spiderweb of corporations, government officials, and financial institutions, all hopelessly tangled together through corrupt arteries and shady intermediaries," the post read. 

Sombra has information on many people, and, as seen in her ​Conspiracy Map, she has enough information on the former Overwatch operatives, too. ​It is here that the information in her room (which can be found in the Castillo map) becomes relevant. 

There is a photo of McCree and Ana, linked together by the Overwatch symbol, on a computer in Sombra's room. She knows the link between the two and, as "Bastet" revealed, McCree was implied to be someone who can track people down well and was given the task to find Ana -- though he failed. It is unknown if McCree somehow encountered Sombra during his search, though the two are seen drinking together at a bar in the "Reflections" comic, but if she knew who McCree is, then there is a possibility she caught wind of his search for Ana. 

Sombra knows Soldier: 76's real identity. A photo of Jack with a circle drawn around his face and a document from LumériCo on top of it can be found on the floor of Sombra's room, which is a reference to his presence in Dorado seen in the "Hero" short.

McCree and Sombra could have met by chance during his search for Ana, or perhaps she found out what McCree was looking for as he was attempting to track Ana down. Regardless, Sombra knows where Ana is. If Soldier: 76 was adamant on finding Ana, it is possible Sombra provided the intel that would push him in the right direction. Sombra is also one of the only people who would know where Reaper is at all times, since both are members of Talon.

Sombra could be working Talon from the inside, which could be suggested by Sombra's ​Marionette emote, but it is also possible she is providing information on Reaper with Reaper's consent -- or is even being instructed to do so by Reaper as part of some larger plan. That much is not clear, yet. 

What is clear is that Sombra is secretly giving Soldier: 76 information, and he is more than likely unaware of it.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard