​The PUBG PTS (Public Test Servers) for the Xbox and PlayStation 4 versions of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will close Jan. 14, PUBG Corp announced Wednesday.

PUBG PTS closes Jan. 14

The ​PTS is finally closing after being open for more than two weeks. The closing likely means final preparations are being made for the next console patches to go live. The most significant part of the PTS was the new ​PUBG snow map, Vikendi, the Vikendi-exclusive weapons and Snowmobile. 

The PTS will close at 3 a.m. ET Monday.

'The team is hard at work looking at your reports from the PTS to prepare for the upcoming live server content update," PIUBG Corp wrote on Reddit. "Please stay tuned for more details on the release date."

The ​release date for Vikendi on PUBG Xbox and PS4 remains unclear, but at least it appears to be coming closer and closer to reality.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp