​The most downloaded PlayStation 4 game in December was PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, according to a PSN download chart published by Sony. 

​​The most downloaded PS4 games were announced through the PlayStation website, where it was revealed ​PUBG was the most downloaded PS4 game of December. Specific numbers were not provided, but it is clear the game's popularity among PS4 users is high. 

PUBG ​was released for the PS4 at the beginning of December. The game ​launched without Vikendi, the latest map for PUBG, but Vikendi was later released on the PUBG PS4 Public Test Server. PUBG Corp recently ​closed the PS4 and Xbox PTS, which might signal the final preparations for the map are complete and fans should expect the map to be added to live servers in the next patch.

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp