Sliding an Ice Puck 150 meters in Fortnite might seem like an easy task, but it's stumping players trying to complete their Season 7 Week 6 challenges. Here's how to set that troublesome puck sliding and put this challenge in the rearview mirror.

How to Slide an Ice Puck 150 Meters in Fortnite

​Sliding an Ice Puck in ​Fortnite at all requires hitting level 28 in the Battle Pass to unlock it. Once the Ice Puck is unlocked, head to Polar Peaks. Throwing the puck from as high a peak as possible will allow it to gain the momentum necessary to slide for the full 150 meters. Hit the right spot, and the puck will slide even farther, up to 200, even 300 meters.

Standing at the very north end of Polar Peak, facing out over the frozen lake, toss your Ice Puck straight out and watch it fall. Provided no one interrupts, you should complete the challenge in no time.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 6's challenges ​leaked Monday. For help with Week 5's challenges, ​check out this cheat sheet.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games