​How to battle Red in Pokémon Let's Go is a challenge that returning players might remember from the original game, but part of the requirements to battle Red changed since Pokémon Red and Blue. Here is a guide to finding and battling Red in Pokémon Let's Go. 

​​How to Battle Red in Pokémon Let's Go

Red doesn't have the same role in Pokémon Let's Go as he ​did in the first games -- but he can be challenged by completing similar tasks from the original Pokémon games. Players will need to make sure they defeat the Elite Four. After becoming the Pokémon Champion, they will have the ability to fight Master Trainers all over the Kanto region.

Trainers will need to defeat six Master Trainers in order to fight Red. Once the six Master Trainers are defeated, Red will appear outside of the Pokémon League in the Indigo Plateau. 

All of Red's Pokémon are level 85 and he has a diverse team that will likely require players to switch out their Pokémon during the battle. 

Defeating Red will grant the player the title of Battle Master. After challenging the Elite Four again, Red will appear in the same spot for a re-match if players choose to fight him.

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo