​The Kingdom Heart 3 ending will receive a secret video update after the game's launch. An update release schedule was announced through the Kingdom Hearts Twitter, account revealing new content will be added after the game's release date. 

​​After Kingdom Hearts 3 is released, there will be additional post-game content added in a series of updates. An update release schedule was announced through the game's official Twitter. The updates are additional content that will enhance the story and also provide a digest of series' story up to that point. 

Jan. 29

- Update 1.01 will include several data fixes and the Memory Archive. It will be added to the game's title menu and can be viewed at any time. The Memory Archive will give fans a digest of the Kingdom Hearts story until the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Jan. 30 

- The epilogue video will be released. In order to view the epilogue video, players will need to have beaten the game and also viewed the main ending. 

Jan. 31

- The secret movie will be released. Players will need to have beaten the game, fulfilled certain criteria through their game -- which differs depending on the difficulty selected. Square Enix did not specify what the criteria is.

The updates will not affect the player's experience playing Kingdom Hearts 3, and will only act as additional content to view once the game is beaten.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on Jan. 29 and ​can be pre-ordered from many websites.

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix