Kingdom Hearts 3 Mystery Box: What's Inside?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Mystery Box is an item fans can purchase from GameStop with exclusive merchandise. Here's a look at what is inside the Mystery Box.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Mystery Box: What's Inside? 

The Mystery Box is an item fans can only purchase at GameStop. An exclusive Funko Pop! Sora Riding Heartless Wave figure is inside, and features Sora standing on top of Shadow Heartless. There is also a Monster Goofy and Monster Donald plush that players can receive in the Mystery Box. 

The final item in is a Funko Kingdom Hearts 3 mini Keyblade pack.

The Mystery Box is available only at GameStop, but at the time of writing, it is ​unavailable for purchase online

Square Enix announced ​new content will be added to Kingdom Hearts 3 in a series of post-launch updates.