​Ark skin Fortnite looks like Mercy from Overwatch, according to a number of fans. The new Ark skin was revealed Thursday by Epic Games and some fans of both games are convinced the skins look alike. Perhaps a little too much.

​​Ark Skin Fortnite Looks Like Mercy from Overwatch: Do You Agree?

Fans are pointing out similarities betwee​n the Ark skin from Fortnite and Mercy's design in Overwatch. Mercy and the Ark skin from Fortnite have designs based off angels, meaning they both have wings and a halo on top of their head.

The hairstyle is quite similar to Mercy's -- though their hair color is not the same. The wings from the Ark skin also don't match Mercy's wings, as other fans point out. 

Fans in the replies to Epic Games' tweet made a few jokes about the skins looking similar, while others defending the Fortnite skin's design. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games