Fortnite Overwatch Skins: Every Fortnite Skin that Looks Like an Overwatch Hero

are Fortnite and Overwatch skins too similar, as some fans have pointed out in recent months? You be the judge. Here are all the Fortnite skins that also resemble characters from Overwatch.

Omega and Genji

Arachne and Widowmaker

Hollowhead and Pumpkin Reaper 

Raven and Nevermore Reaper

Snowable and Baihu Genji 

Ark and Mercy

Fortnite Overwatch Skins

​​The most infamous skins that look similar to each other are the Ark skin, which was recently released in ​Fortnite, and Mercy's classic skin. 

A debate ​stirred overnight when the Ark skin was announced through Epic Games' social media pages for Fortnite. Fans were quick to compare the skins, noting the outfit and hairstyles were very similar in design. Because both skins are inspired by angels, there are aspects of the design that look alike.

Because both games are popular, although Fortnite's popularity ​is unmatched, it is likely other skins in the future will borrow ideas from the other. 

Photos courtesy of Epic Games and Blizzard