Nintendo Direct 2019: 5 Things We Want

​Nintendo Direct 2019 is on the horizon as fans eagerly await for more news about what Nintendo games are on the way. Here are five things we want to see from the next Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct 2019: 5 Thing We Want

5. Teaser for new Pokemon Game

One of the biggest Pokémon games right now is Pokémon Let's Go, which is ​a unique remake of the original games, but there is another game coming to the Switch. It would be amazing if the next core Pokémon game, which was confirmed to be released some late 2019. One of the later Nintendo Directs will likely be dedicated to the next Pokémon game, but to get fans excited for that it would be great to see a small teaser of what is to come.

4. Update on Bayonetta 3

A short video was released during The Game Awards for Bayonetta 3 -- but very little was released since then. The next Nintendo Direct should feature another short trailer to prepare fans for the next Bayonetta game, hopefully to give more information on the plot or any returning or new characters that will be seen. 

3. Persona 5 for Switch

Joker from Persona 5 was ​revealed as a new fighter for Smash Bros. Ultimate. It would be foolish for Nintendo not to follow up on the announcement with bringing his game to the same platform. It would be a great way to get fans excited for Joker's addition to the game. 

2. Switch Animal Crossing News

Like the next Pokémon game, a later Nintendo Direct will likely have a large portion dedicated solely to the Animal Crossing game, but Nintendo should present a small teaser for fans who were asking for an Animal Crossing game since the Switch was announced. 

1. New Smash Ultimate DLC

Information on when Joker will be available in-game would be nice, but announcing the next DLC character fans can purchase for Smash Ultimate would be even better. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo