Epic Games revealed an update for wall building in Fortnite Patch 7.20 that will solve problems of placing walls that build partially below or are obstructed by the ground. 

​​According to Epic Games, wall placement will work a bit differently in the upcoming ​Fortnite Patch 7.20. A fix was implemented to placing or building walls that become partially below ground or are obstructed by the ground, causing players to build a second wall after the first one is built. 

The new feature will kick in when the wall players are attempting to build requires a connection piece and the connecting piece is at least 70 percent underground. 

"Under those circumstances, the required connecting piece will now build automatically and for free. In addition, the connecting piece will inherit team ownership rules (and the material type) of the desired piece," the post read. 

The feature will go live in Fortnite Patch 7.20. Its most recent patch introduced ​a new weapon and ​unvaulted the Dual Pistols.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games