League of Legends players will see a change in the prestige skin system with the release of Patch 9.1, and many fans of the game may be wondering how to unlock the upcoming prestige edition skins for their favorite champions.

How to Unlock Prestige Skins in League of Legends

Despite the changes coming to the prestige skin system, players can still unlock select prestige skins through events, where players can accumulate tokens to craft the skin, however, the skins will also be available in the League of Legends shop on the game’s client.

Players will be able to collect Prestige Points, a new currency which can be found in Masterwork Chests. Prestige edition skins will cost 100 Prestige Points and will only be available for a year before they expire on Jan. 31 of 2020. 

Currently, the most recent prestige skin is the Blood Moon Aatrox prestige edition, which will be followed by the prestige edition for Firecracker Vayne during the Lunar Revel event.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games