How to Draw Fortnite Skins: 5 Best Tutorials

How to draw Fortnite skins can be a challenge for fans who are new to art or want a challenging design to try and recreate. Here are five of the best tutorials on drawing Fortnite skins. 

5. DJ Yonder

The tutorial is simple and is easy to keep up with. A younger child is drawing at the same time as the tutorial is going on, and fans will be able to compare how their own results with both artists in the video.

4. Raven

The tutorial gives Fortnite fans the opportunity to draw the Raven skin, though it is a cuter and simpler version of the skin which doesn't contain as many intricate details. It is perfect for beginners and an easy way to recreate the Raven skin without spending too much time on a drawing.

3. Lynx

This is a simple tutorial on drawing Lynx from Fortnite. She is one of the most popular skins players can unlock and has a fairly simple design to follow. 

2. Tomato Head

Tomato Head is an easy skin fans can draw if they are looking to draw Fortnite skins. The design has a lot of steps to follow, as there are many parts of the Tomato Head skin that fans need to draw, but it is one of the least demanding skins and is one of the easiest tutorials to follow. 

1. Cuddle Team Leader

The simplest tutorial to follow is the Cuddle Team Leader tutorial. The design itself is not one of the most challenging ones, and it is easy to follow along to the instructions. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games