PUBG Mobile Season 5: 5 Things You Need to Know

​PUBG Mobile Season 5 is on the horizon, and it's set to bring a torrent of new content from outfits to weapon skins. Although developer Tencent has yet to release official patch notes, leaks have revealed some of the loot players can look forward to in the upcoming update. Here are five things you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 5.

​1. PUBG Mobile Season 5: Patch Number

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile's fifth season will soon get underway, likely dropping in the next couple of weeks. The patch that will add Season 5 to the game will be PUBG Mobile Patch 0.10.5. It follows ​Patch 0.9.5, which ​added the winter-themed Vikendi to the game.​

2. PUBG Mobile Season 5: Fire Theme

While PUBG Mobile's developers have yet to release any official media featuring Season 5 content, images of cosmetics and other unlockable items have leaked online. One such leak includes an image of a burning forest, indicating the theme of the event may be fire. This seems plausible, given the winter and snow themes of PUBG Mobile Season 4.

3. PUBG Mobile Season 5: Outfits

Not everything being labeled a leak of PUBG Mobile Season 5 content is likely to be confirmed when the season finally begins, but there are some exciting cosmetics among those leaked so far. Among the leaked outfits are a birthday cake costume, a full-gold body suit, some traditional Japanese-looking garb and more.

4. PUBG Mobile Season 5: Weapon Skins

​Several weapon skins have found their way online, including gold skins for the AKM and UMP, a black and white dragon skin for the Kar98k, and more. Skins for vehicles have also leaked online, showing off an ice cream truck skin for the Volkswagen van to complement the cake outfit.

5. PUBG Mobile Season 5: MK47 Mutant

One of the headlining changes in PUBG Mobile Patch 0.10.5, and in PUBG Mobile Season 5 by extension, is the addition of the MK47 Mutant assault rifle. The weapon has been available in PUBG PC ​since September's Patch 21, but it will make its mobile debut in PUBG Mobile Season 5.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp