League of Legends Error Code 003: How to Fix It

League of Legends Error Code 003 is one of the most frustrating problems the game can encounter because it happens exclusively during the addition of a new patch. When you should be enjoying all the new content and figuring out the shifting meta, you're instead stuck troubleshooting. 

Here are the best ways to solve ​League of Legends Error Code 003 so you're never again hamstrung on patch day.

League of Legends Error Code 003: How to Fix It

​League of Legends Error Code 003 is the code used to identify a problem between the patching server and the receiving client. Usually the problem is caused by an unstable connection between the two.

Riot Games has suggested several possible fixes to get your game patching normally after encountering Error Code 003. These should help after standard troubleshooting steps such as exiting the client and re-opening it, restarting your computer, and resetting your internet connection have failed.

League of Legend Error Code 003: Manual Re-patch Fix

The first suggested step is to manually force a re-patch by navigating to your League of Legends install location and finding the releases folder, which is found by moving through the League of Legends folder, to the RADS folder, to the projects folder, and finally to the league_client folder. From there, find the highest number release folder and delete everything inside.

Once that's done, launch League of Legends with administrative rights and the game should patch itself back into shape.

League of Legends Error Code 003: Hextech Repair Tool Fix

If the manual re-patch didn't solve the problem, the next step is to use Riot Games' Hextech Repair Tool. You can download it ​here​. Running the Hextech Repair Tool with administrative rights should automatically clean up whatever's ailing your client, but if it doesn't, proceed to the next fix.

League of Legends Error Code 003: Firewall Disabling

If your client still doesn't work after using the Hextech Repair Tool, or if the tool itself fails to run, Riot Games suggests temporarily disabling your firewall and anti-virus software during the patch. The developer also advises sending Riot Support a message and avoiding internet browsing while the firewall and anti-virus are turned off.

League of Legends Error Code 003: VPN Re-routing

As a last ditch effort, try using a VPN to re-route your connection while patching. This may help the server communicate more easily with your client.

There are several free VPNs available online that can serve this process, including the well-reviewed and simple ​TunnelBear.

If these solutions fail to properly address your problem, it may be that Riot Games will need to step in directly. If you haven't already, send them a message with as much detail about your problem as possible, including whatever steps you've taken so far. Your patching future now lies in Riot's hands.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games