Three international live events for Overwatch Contenders 2019 were revealed Wednesday. The events will take place during the Overwatch League mid-year break. 

​​​Overwatch Contenders announced three international live events will take place ​during the Overwatch League mid-season break. The event are the first cross-region events for Overwatch Contenders. 

The eight Overwatch Contenders regions will be divided into two visions, the Pacific and the Atlantic division, and each region will send its best team to Showdown events. "Four regions will send their top teams to the Atlantic Showdown, while the other four regions will send their top teams to the Pacific Showdown," the post read. "We’ve positioned these live events during the Overwatch League mid-year break to maximize viewership potential and player recognition from Overwatch League scouts!"

- Pacific Showdown

The Showdown event will run from May 24-26 featuring one team from Austrlia, two teams from Korea, two teams from China, and one Pacific team. The event will be held in China.

- Atlantic Showdown

The Atlantic Showdown will take start May 31 and run until June 2. Two teams from Europe, three teams from North America, and one South American team will attend the event -- which has no confirmed location at the time of writing.

- The Gauntlet

The pinnacle of the season will be held from Oct. 10-13, though the location was not decided yet. "All top-performing regions will send their teams from Season 2 to the Gauntlet. Performance in the Pacific and Atlantic Showdowns will determine specific invites," the post read.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard