Kingdom Hearts 3 Exclusive Keyblades: How to Unlock

Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusive Keyblades will be available for players, but certain Keyblades are not available for all players. Here are the different exclusive Keyblades coming in Kingdom Hearts 3 and what players have to do to unlock them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Exclusive Keyblades: How to Unlock

Dawn Till Dusk

The Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade is an exclusive Keyblade that players will receive with any Amazon ​pre-order of Kingdom Hearts 3. ​It will come with the Fire Up ability, which increases damage dealt by Fire attacks, and Firagan -- which will be available as a situational command.

Midnight Blue Keyblade

Another pre-order exclusive Keyblade. It will come with pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, meaning Xbox players cannot receive the Keyblade. It comes with Blizzard Up, which increases damage dealt by Blizzard attacks, and Blizzagan -- another situational command. 

Phantom Green

Phantom Green will be available for Xbox pre-orders of Kingdom Hearts 3. Like Midnight Blue, it cannot be obtained by players on the opposite console. It comes with Thunder Up, which increases damage dealt by Thunder attacks, and Thundagan -- a situational command. 

Starlight Keyblade

The Starlight Keyblade is the final exclusive Keyblade players can unlock for Kingdom Hearts 3. In order to unlock it, they will need to play Kingdom Hearts Union χ, a game for mobile devices, and complete in limited time challenge found in the Classic Kingdom mini games. They will need to achieve a certain high score to unlock the Keyblade. 

Square Enix revealed the score requirements were halved in preparation for Kingdom Hearts 3, so players will have an easier time to unlock the Keyblade before Kingdom Hearts 3's ​official release date.

Cover photo courtesy of Square Enix