15 Wealthiest Twitch Streamers

15 Wealthiest Twitch Streamers
15 Wealthiest Twitch Streamers /

Trying to quantify wealth for Twitch streamers can be difficult as there are multiple ways of revenue for streamers. It can all depend on the average viewer when ads roll, the percent of the subscription, donations, and content or sponsorship deals. 

To make things simple and as most of this information isn't public, we'll go off of monthly subscriptions and a flat $2.50 per Tier 1, $5.00 per Tier 2, and $12.50 for Tier 3. We know that some streamers make more and others make less of a cut, but that information isn't public knowledge. 

15. Sypherpk

Sypherpk is the trap king of Fortnite, and made his name while playing Fortnite. PUBG was the first game that really started making names for streamers, but Fortnite put streamers in legendary status. 

16,507 Total Subs: 16,376 Tier 1, 64 Tier 2, 67 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $40,940

14. Lirik

Lirik started his days playing WoW before switching to DayZ and PUBG. One of the many streamers that likes to play a selection of games, Lirik still mainly plays PUBG and Fortnite. 

16,767 Total Subs: 16,539  Tier 1, 59 Tier 2, 35 Tier 3

13. castro_1021

Castro_1021 is one of the many FIFA YouTubers and Twitch streamers and has done some pretty incredible things. He's the most watched FIFA streamer at the moment, but not the biggest YouTuber. 

16,767 Total Subs: 16,710 Tier 1, 37 Tier 2, 20 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $42,210

12. xQcOW

xQc rose in Overwatch and never really left. He was apart of the Overwatch League before being suspended multiple time before being dropped by the Dallas Fuel. He's still very popular on Twitch and holds strong numbers.

22,424 Total Subs: 22,306 Tier 1, 70 Tier 2, 48 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $56,715

11. cohhcarnage

Cohhcarnage is another streamer that grew up in the PUBG season but has not become a varied streamer. He's been recently playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild. 

23,912 Total Subs: 23,337 Tier 1, 487 Tier 2, 88 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $61,877

10. DrLupo

DrLupo, another one of Ninja's crew blew up in popularity with Fortnite, though, really grew his viewership in Destiny and PUBG. 

One of the main staples of Fortnite, DrLupo's number dropped somewhat while TimTheTatMan grew. 

24,815 Total Subs: 24,447 Tier 1, 227 Tier 2, 141 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $64,014

9. DrDisrespect

DrDisrespect was the most popular streamer in 2017 before he took a leave of absence after confessing he had an affair years before. He came back at the beginning of 2018 to a massive amount of viewers, but he quickly fell off the mountain with the rise of Fortnite. Not having the desire and skills to play Fortnite like other games, his numbers suffered. 

24,967 Total Subs: 24,553 Tier 1, 246 Tier 2,168 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $64,712

8. moonmoon_ow

Moonmoon_ow is another streamer made popular by Overwatch, though he hasn't played it in a while. He now does more of a variety of games and keeps his viewers entertained with his crazy antics. 

25,500 Total Subs: 24,893 Tier 1, 228 Tier 2, 379 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $68,109

7. montanablack88

Montanablack88 is a German streamer that's also a big YouTuber who enjoys playing some of the most popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Blackout. 

He's one of many YouTubers that have found another money revenue via streaming.

28,318 Total Subs: 28,245 Tier 1, 55 Tier 2, 18 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $71,112

6. admiralbahroo

One of the few variety streamers left in the game, admiralbahroo plays a slew of different games. He's great at creating guides for many different games and provides viewers a different experience then your typical top streamers. 

30,338 Total Subs: 30,111 Tier 1, 103 Tier 2, 124 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $77,342

5. shroud

Shroud, the former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player quickly found success after going full-time. He found his stardom in PUBG and he never really left. 

Considered to be the most gifted Twitch streamer, shroud continually wins Twitch Rivals tournaments in PUBG.

36,680 Total Subs: 36,412 Tier 1, 166 Tier 2, 102 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $93,135


TFUE of FaZe Clan has been a quick rising star in Fortnite and has destroyed most of the competition in his way. 

While Fortnite will surely decrease in popularity, TFUE has remained at the top.

37,775 Total Subs: 37,680 Tier 1, 54 Tier 2, 41 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $94,982

3. TimTheTatMan

One of Ninja's crew, TimTheTatMan first really made a splash in the Twitch scene back when he played Overwatch. He was one of the early Fortnite streamers and joined Dr.Lupo as part of Ninja's crew. Now, he's one of the biggest streamers, period. 

37,856 Total Subs: 37,462 Tier 1, 171 Tier 2, 223 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $97,297

2. Summit1g

Summit1g has had a rocky 2018 and he even stated on one of his streams that it was the worst years of his life. 

The man has been one of the most popular streamers of 2016 and 2017, but really struggled with the popularity of Fortnite. He was one of the few that left PUBG early and started playing Fortnite, but he eventually grew bored and wanted to play other games. That hurt his viewership and with a few other untimely decisions, Summit1g's subscription dropped extremely low. 

Then he started playing Sea of Thieves, and his channel blew up again. 

44,228 Total Subs: 43,872 Tier 1, 196 Tier 2, 160 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $112,660

1. Ninja

The hottest streamer of 2018 is looking to keep that trend rolling into 2019, despite the sudden rise of Summit1g as he plays Sea of Thieves, Ninja has retaken the number one spot with the most subscriptions of 44,803. 

These numbers can fluctuate every day and even Summit1g has the most subscriptions for a couple of days before Ninja took over again. Despite making Twitch streaming mainstream, Ninja has had deals with multiple juggernauts in the commercial universe like Samsung and Doritos. 

Besides the most subscriptions, followers, and YouTube count of any Twitch streamer, Ninja easily makes the most from content and sponsorship deals. 

44,803 Total Subs: 44,503 Tier 1, 152 Tier 2, 148 Tier 3

Monthly Revenue- $113,867

Remember folks, this does not include donations, ad revenue, sponsorships, tournament winnings or revenue from other outlets like YouTube. 

This is strictly based off of subscription numbers.