League of Legends Download Size: How Big is the Game in 2019?

jsdfdvb / Image by Michael Jeong

The League of Legends download size has certainly grown; since its release by Riot Games in 2009, the game has increased tremendously in player base, popularity, and content. The free-to-play online MOBA title is closing on its ten year anniversary and is still going strong. 

Unless you're willing to buy a physical copy of the original PC release (at this point a collector's item in its own right), digital download from the League of Legends website is the only way to jump back into Summoner's Rift. So for new, returning, or otherwise reinstalling players, this is the download information that you need to know:

League of Legends Download Size

League of Legends requires a minimum 1 GB RAM and 8 GB available hard disk space, but 2 GB RAM and 12 GB hard disk space is recommended. Given that it's an online multiplayer game, players should also look to have a respectable bandwidth; the minimum recommendation for a smooth gameplay experience is 6 Mbps. 

Images courtesy of Riot Games