Vikendi is receiving changes on PUBG PC PTS next week according to a tweet by Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene. 

The next PUBG PC PTS patch will go live in the next few days, according to PlayerUnknown. Although he did not disclose the specific changes that will go live in the patch, he did reveal there will be additions coming to the Vikendi map.

He shared a photo of the Vikendi map, though it is set during the night instead of during the day. There are polar lights, or an aurora, seen in the sky.

Vikendi is the latest map to go live in PUBG. The map is covered in snow and also allows players to track enemies by the footprints left behind in the snow. The map was added to PC servers in December, but will officially be added to live servers for Xbox and PlayStation 4 soon. 

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp