Fortnite players are reportedly finding the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, a weapon introduced during the Fortnitemares event, in purple vending machines. Players believe winter zombies will appear in-game as part of the Fortnite Ice Storm event that will go live Saturday. 

Fortnite fans are finding the Fiend Hunter Crossbow during games. The weapon, which was first introduced in the Fortnitemares event, is appearing in purple vending machines as a possible hint at what the Fortnite Ice Storm event will bring. 

The Fiend Hunter Crossbow was used to destroy the Cube Monsters, which looked like zombies, during Fortnitemares. If the weapon is appearing in games again, it is likely the Ice Storm event will bring on winter zombies or winter Cube Monsters for players to face once again. 

The Ice Storm event will begin Saturday at 2 p.m. ET. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games