The Fortnite Ice Storm event went live in-game Saturday with major changes affecting the map. Players will find the entire map covered in snow and the zombies seen in Fortnitemates event officially returned. 

Fortnite Ice Storm Event

​​​Fortnite Ice Storm event is now live for all servers. Players will find that the map no longer has a few areas covered in snow, but the map as a whole is covered in snow for the duration of the event. With the new map changes, Epic Games also brought back the zombies that were present in the Fortnitemares event. The zombies, however, are winter zombies and look a bit different than the ones players might remember. They can throw snowballs at players passing by.

Players will be able to eliminate the zombies when encountering them during games.

Fans began reporting the return of the Fiend Hunter Crossbow in vending machines before the event went live. It will likely be an important weapon when taking out the zombies and other enemies in-game.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games