Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Item Request Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 camp item requests are a type of mission players will find themselves asked to complete by some characters in-game. These requests will be triggered at certain times in the day, or when certain circumstances are met as the player progresses through the story.

Here is a guide to all the camp item requests players will encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

​​Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Item Requests Guide

Abigail's Request
- Requests: $5
​- Players can give Abigail the $5 directly from their wallet to complete the request.

Bill's Request

- Requests: Hair pomade

- It can be found while looting enemies or exploring the world. Players can also purchase hair pomade from the general store. 

Charles' First Request

- Requests: Moonshine

- Moonshine can be found in various locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, in addition to being found on the bodies of dead enemies. Players can give Charles the moonshine they have or simply purchase moonshine to give to Charles.

Charles' Second Request

Requests: Oleander

- An herb players likely already have, but can also be found in the Bayou Nwa area.

Charles' Third Request

- Requests: Eagle Father

- The bird can be found near the top of the mountains in almost every area. Players must hunt and skin one to complete the request.

Dutch's Request

- Requests: Pipe

- Vetter's Echo Shack will have a pipe on the desk. The shack itself is found to the west of Wallace Station. 

Hosea's First Request

Requests: "Shrew in the Fog" book

- The book is on a table inside of a house in Bayou, which is northwest of Saint-Denis.

Hosea's Second Request

- Requests: American ginseng 

- The herb can be found in the West Elizabeth area. 

Jack's First Request

- Requests: Abigail's thimble

- It can be found from looting enemies.

Jack's Second Request

- Requests: "Penny Dreadful" comic book

- It can be found inside of a house on a nightstand in several locations: Lake Don Julio, Downes Ranch, CLawson's Rest, Pleasance, and Osman Groove. 

Javier's Request

- Requests: Oleander

- The herb can be found in the Bayou Nwa area.

Kieran's Request

Requests: Burdock root

- It can be found in the Great Plains area, near the river banks or close to the train tracks.

Lenny's Request

Requests: Pocket watch

- Pocket watches can typically be found in lockboxes.

Mary Beth's Request

- Request: Fountain pen

- It can be found in the cabin in Osman Groove, which is east of the Emerald Ranch.

Molly's Request

- Requests: Pocket mirror

- The cabin at Martha's Swain, east of Three Sisters, will have a pocket mirror.

Pearson's First Request

- Requests: Rabbit

- It is a common animal players will likely find in any area.

Pearson's Second Request

- Request: Naval compass

- The boathouse in Braithwaite Manor will have a naval compass.

Sadie's Request

- Requests: Harmonica

- The shack east of Flatneck Station will have a harmonica on a cupboard.

Sean's Request 

- Requests: Kentucky Bourbon

- The drink is rather common and can be found through looting. It can also be purchased in general stores.

Susan's Request

- Request: Oregano

- It is a common plant players will be able to find in nearly every area.

Tilly's Request

- Requests: Necklace

- It will be found inside lockboxes and chests.

Uncle's Request

- Request: Medicinal Cream

- It will need to be crafted. Players must have milkweed, Kentucky bourbon, peppermint, pomade, and stringy meat.

Cover photo courtesy of Rockstar Games